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* Friday, January 20, 2006 *

National Jolographic is now SIGNING OFF

Alright guys... National Jolographic is ending it's webcast today. To all those who have hopped into, read and shared their thoughts with me... thank you very much. You've made my 2005 something brighter because of your love and attention.
Kaya, tuloy ang ligaya sa bago kong BLOG!

Livejournal is my new home! And please DO drop by and get your mix fix at OrangeBananaPop!

I'll be waiting for you to pop in!!!

Ciao for now!

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* Friday, January 06, 2006 *

New Year na?

I'm too sexy...
Too Sexy Sig. Adobe Photoshop 7.0
For Kellee

Hindi ko namalayan.

Ahihihi... honestly, there was nothing grand or extravagant about my New Year so I didn't feel the need to write about it. Thing is, when I opened my blog today I realized I haven't posted anything yet for January (and it's already the 6th).

Let me start by saying Happy Birthday to some people who matter...

Kuya Vhong (January 4), Happy Birthday Kuya mahal ko! Gift ko? Heeheehee. Sana magaling ka na... di ka kasi sumasagot sa tawag ko, nakakainis.

Pero sana masaya ang birthday mo. *wink* I love you, and I miss you super!

Sis Kellee (January 5), Saengil chukhahamnida, chinguya! I hope your dreams will come true soon! Love yah!!!

Okay now that that's taken care of, let's move on to my New Year's resolution.

Do I have a New Year's resolution?

Hahaha... actually wala. It's not my habit to make resolutions, because I freakin' know that I will break them sooner or later. I'm not very good at following my own promises to myself. Hahaha.

I do, however, have a Goal List which I've been doing for around two years now. Most of the time, my goal list is short term, spanning two to six months only. I haven't tried a long term goal list yet, although I'm quite sure it will include Find a boyfriend in it.

So far I only have ten in my Goal List... which ends on my 23rd birthday. (What? I'm 23? Shit man!)

Before (or by) my 23rd birthday, I should:

1. have bought myself a new guitar.
2. have started a new fan fic to post at soompi.
3. have learned new software skills.
4. be able to re-launch Mike's website.
5. have started collecting DVDs of my fave flicks (old and new).
6. have bought a new PC monitor.
7. be able to watch more movies in the big screen.
8. be able to meet up with old friends (for coffee, lunch, whatever).
9. be able to go back to a size 25 waistline.
10. have lost all my zits!!!

Okay, not exactly a really fulfilling Goal List, huh? But don't worry... I'm getting there. Give me another 2 months and maybe I'll be making another (better) list.

Oh by the way, my alaga JC Cuadrado is in the latest Juday-Piolo movie Don't Give Up On Us. I hope you guys can watch. I'm not really a Juday-Piolo fan, but yeah, I'm gonna watch it to see JC's first big screen appearance.

I hope it's great.

And JC, if you're reading this... no, I haven't forgiven you yet for standing me up last Christmas. Yun lang.


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* Friday, December 30, 2005 *

What Holiday?

Okay, so Christmas just breezed past me, and I didn't even feel it.

I was working on the 24th, still... from 2-6pm. Damn. There is seriously something wrong with sitting in front of the PC for 4 hours, on Christmas Eve, NOT for greeting relatives and friends overseas but for work. Okay, so I worked on the 24th of December last year as well... but that's a different story.

It was a good thing though, that I met up with Michael and the gang (Doris, Rocky and Mitzi) on the 23rd. It was brief, but it was a break I kinda needed. Not to mention I haven't seen Mike since we watched My Sassy Girl, which was like 2 months ago.

26th was a holiday, and I was STILL working! Waaaaaaahhhh!!! (From home, that is... just like on the 24th... BUT STILL!!!)

Sigh. When will I ever get a job that will allow me to have legal holidays? And I mean REAL holidays!!!

** Birthday Greetings **

Happy Birthday to my good friend and former workmate Allan... este belated Happy Birthday pala! Hahaha! I hope you had a fun inuman with your friends last night, and I'm sorry I couldn't come. 'Lam mo na... busy-busyhan.

Happy New Year sa iyo... and Happy New Year to everyone reading this as well!!!

Okay. Back to work.

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* Friday, December 23, 2005 *

A reunion of sorts...

December 21 was my off-day. And thank God it fell on a Wednesday.

I just dropped by the office that day to pick up my client bonus and 13th month pay (Ehem, kahit walang pasok --- kaperahan yun kaya kailangang puntahan!) bringing along a paper bag full of gifts for the Wazzup cast. After picking up some cold cash I proceeded to 7-11 to buy some greeting cards, and then I signed them inside Starbucks Equitable PCI branch.

(SM/N: Naubusan pa nga ako ng tinta sa Starbucks in the middle of writing on Tin's greeting card, so thank you kay Manong Guard for letting me borrow his pen!)

I got to Starbucks ABS-CBN at around 6:30pm, and I was met by Allan (former Wazzup SP) who came from the Pinoy Big Brother House to secure some materials. Sabi ko pupunta ako ng Wazzup studio, and he was more than willing to take me there so...

Archie was the first one to see me. He was inside the studio waiting for his cue to do the News Advisory, and we talked a bit while I heard our utilitymen saying, "Ang taba mo na," and other taba-related comments. Oo na nga. Mataba na ako. Shet.

Archie was very happy to show me cellphone pictures of his baby with Mickey (Baby Brent Marcus), and I must say, the baby looked exceptionally adorable!!! Congratulations to both of you guys, I'm really really happy for you. Enjoy the holidays with your special Christmas present!

A few minutes later, Archie asked me to come with him to the dressing room. Kuya Vhong and Tin (Toni) saw me immediately and told me to come in. I was quite uncomfortable at first to hang out with them again inside the dressing room so it took awhile before I decided to come in.

Kuya Vhong's started talking like his mouth was an armalite. As in, super bilis! It seemed like he was saying a lot of things but I managed to only hear two coherent sentences. After a chaotic exchange of hi's and hello's, Kuya turned to me with open arms and said, "Tara ha, we miss you na!" and hugged me. Awww. How sweet. It was the night's first present to me. I really missed my Kuya.

Of course, my apparent weight-gain did NOT escape the cast's eyes. They constantly said "Ang taba mo na," and asked why I gained weight and all. It was kind of the staple "icebreaker" sentences that night. Even Tin didn't believe me when I said I was always sitting down at work kaya ako tumaba. Hahaha. They must've really had this mental picture of me looking like one of those impoverished children in God-knows-where.

I spoke to the crew while the show aired. Ate Ara (make-up artist), Kuya Nelson (utility man), Kuya Andrew (wardrobe coordinator) and Kuya James (Kuya Vhong's driver) kept me busy for a good thirty minutes at the stairway (to heaven?) outside the studio. We talked about things I missed while I was gone, and this question about me getting married just popped up.

"WTH? Do I look like I'm married now?" I asked Kuya Nelson, who immediately said no, and made an excuse that he thought I got married because I gained weight. That's it. I'm really, really getting serious about dieting now. Thank you, Kuya Nel. Ikaw ang isa sa mga driving force ko. Hahaha.

Close to the show's end, I went into the dressing room with Ate Ara to distribute the gifts I have for the cast. After which I called JC up to ask him if he were around. And that's a different story altogether. Let's leave it at that.

When I got back to the dressing room again, the cast was already there, dressing up for their taped episode. They thanked me for the gifts and Kuya Vhong told me he had a gift for me as well, sabay bigay ng Don Romantiko na shirt which I wore to work yesterday. (Swabe! Hahaha!) I also left Drew's gift to Kuya Vhong cos Drew told me to. Nakakatawa, ginawang messenger si Kuya Vhong! Sorry Kuya, love you!

In the middle of all the dressing up, talagang nang-abala pa ako dahil pinapirmahan ko yung Don Romantiko cd ko kay Kuya Vhong, on which he wrote something that nearly made me cry:

I miss you na grabe.
Ingat lagi!
Vhong Navarro

Pero siyempre hindi ako nagpahalata.

Isa pa 'tong si Archie, na-touch talaga ako. He opened my gift to him as soon as he got hold of it, and he wore it for that night's taping! Hindi pa magkandaugaga magsuot ng bracelet, nagpatulong pa kay Tin at sa akin! Hay... nakakatuwa. Love ko talaga 'tong si Archie. Tunay.

I left the guys before they started taping the Thursday episode because my beb, Sheiden was waiting for me at Starbucks. When I got there, I also met her boyfriend Almel (who really looked like an artista) and Allan (again, hahaha!). We all trooped to Sheiden's boarding house afterwards to drop off their Christmas goodies and then we proceeded to Greenhills.

On our way there, Sheiden told me "horror" stories that made me really sad. I wanna go back to ABS-CBN right that moment and hug each and every one of the cast members and remaining staff I know. The world can be cruel to good people sometimes, and it makes me upset.

So to end my mood swing, we decided to eat first when we got to Greenhills. Teriyaki Boy was the choice, and even though Almel had to wait almost an hour for his food, everyone was full when we left to shop. Beb and I had our favorite California Maki and Asupara Bacon Maki (asparagus wrapped in bacon, yum) while Allan and Almel had rice meals.

We went shopping at the Night Market afterwards, and though I felt really sleepy already (it was past 11), I managed to buy several new stuff like 3 nice blouses, 2 bullcaps (one for me and one for my auntie), a pair of shorts (for my lolo) and a cool hip-hoppy jacket (which I'm wearing right now). Gawd. I spent quite a lot that night, but it was okay... since it was a fun night anyway.

To top it all off, I had been able to claim my Starbucks planner that night as well! Woot! Love it!

Went home at around 3am already, with Sheiden, Almel and Allan waving me goodbye. It was a happy and sad feeling, and I wanna feel that again. Tsk. I love December 21. My kinda day.

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* Monday, December 19, 2005 *

Make my wish come true...

... all I want for Christmas is YOU.

Pero siyempre hindi mangyayari yan.
Paano ko nalaman?
Kayo nga alam niyo eh. (Hehehe. O diba, ang galing ko!)

I've been doing massive Christmas shopping lately, and it might just be really minor compared to some of you guys out there. The big deal about it is, this is the FIRST time I'm ever shopping for Christmas gifts for people who matter. (Yes! I listed this in my "Before December 2005 Goal List" and I made it!)

Of course priority went to my inaanaks, then my cute nieces and nephews, workmates, my cousin, the Wazzup cast and all. (My parents? Wala pa yung bonus eh. Dun ko kukunin. Wag kayong mag-alala. Hindi naman ako ingratang anak. Hehe.) I'm actually planning to buy a DVD player for the house. That's my gift to my Dad and myself because we both LOVE watching movies. Actually, bumili na nga ako ng Korean DVDs eh. Funny. The DVDs came first before the player. Si unni kasi. (Hahaha! Nanisi?)

I was in Divisoria on the 16th. Man. Kala ko ba walang pera ang mga tao? Bakit andaming tao??? I wanted to curse hell and high waters while I shopped, but then again, may baon naman akong pasensiya so I just kept my cool. I was supposed to drop by Wazzup that day also, but I got home at 6:30 pm all pooped and sweaty, and my gifts weren't even wrapped yet!

So there, I spent the whole Friday night wrapping gifts, drinking coffee and eatnig cake. As if talagang kailangan kong kumain.

Diet ako! Walang kokontra!

Yeap, you read it right. I AM on a diet.

Why, you ask? Cos 90% of my jeans don't fit me anymore, and it irks me big time. Not that I don't really need to put on weight, a lot of people tell me that me gaining weight was "bagay" cos it wasn't very good to see me so thin, but then again I feel uncomfortable na rin dahil sa tiyan kong may bilbil. (GASP! BILBIL!)

I didn't want to offend anyone... but for someone who's been stick thin all her life, this whole "putting-on-weight" issue is bothersome. My clothes don't freakin' fit me anymore! And buying a new set of wardrobe is NOT in my plans!!!

So yeah. Beginning today, I'm cutting down on rice intake.
Stay tuned.

Gifts under the tree

I AM getting old. I know that for certain now.

When we were kids we wanted all the gifts under the Christmas tree to be ours. We constantly shook them, peeked at the little holes on the wrappers (innocently made by us, of course) and bugged our parents to let us open them already.

Now, I take a look at the gifts under the tree and smile at the thought that I got most of them for the people I wanted to give them to, and that I got them with my own money. I am NOT expecting gifts this Christmas, because honestly, HE has given me more than enough this year. A handful of friends, and an ocean of happy memories. That's it. The biggest present of the year.

Right now, I'm looking forward to Christmas day to see my godchildren, nephews and nieces open their gifts with big smiles on their faces. I'm looking forward to Christmas because I will be getting to play with them and eat home-cooked meals. I'm looking forward to Christmas because it IS a day of rest, and most importantly, I'm looking forward to Christmas because, as with all Christmases, I will be spending it with my family.

Happy Holidays, everyone! (^_____^)

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My toon self.

   Tara is an addict. 'Nuff said, I guess.

   ^__^ She likes drinking coffee. So much so that coffee composes 50% of her bodily fluids.

She loves:

1. Lee Dong Gun
2. taking long naps ('di na kaya nap yun kung LONG!)
3. watching KR dramas/movies
4. playing around with Photoshop
5. surfing the net
6. karaoke!!! (Total Eclipse of the Heart!)
7. bargain clothes 9. music
10. literature

   WARNING: May confuse fictional life with reality. Refer to blog for details.

(^^,) RANDOM STUFF (^^,)

(^^,) (^^,) (^^,)

Siyempre ngayon ko lang naisip maglagay ng counter... Babo imnida!


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The rule is simple.
No plagiarism, period.
Ang makulit, iihawin ko!

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[ 07.26.05 ]

Photo courtesy of LDG Domain Philippines

Happy Birthday, Dong Gun oppa!
Yongwonhi saranghae...

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[ 11.23.05 ] New FanFic: Love Me Until...
Love Me Until...

   Pilot: November 01, 2005
Chapters 001 and 002 are up! Read them here.

on My Cloudy Eyed Girl
   Finished: October 12, 2005
Read the rest of the chapters here.

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What can I say? The words have it all. Man, I'm a sucker for sad lovesongs.

Heaven Knows (The Angel Has Flown)
Orange & Lemons

There are times 
when I'm lying in my bed
Hug my pillow and cry 
from this tip again
And my eyes are like windshields 
on a rainy day
Almost rubbed down, 
swelling, as I keep on
Dipping my face in these 
cold hands of mine
Heaven knows how bitter I am

'Cause this angel has 
flown away from me
Leaving me in drunken misery
I should have clipped her wings 
and made her mine
For all eternity
Now this angel has 
flown away from me
Thought I had the strength 
to set her free
Did what I did because 
I love her so
Will she ever find 
her way back home to me

I'm so tired, 
I feel like catching forty winks
Being up all night 
in this elbow room
That puts me in a trance
Where hopes and 
dreams come true
Now my lips are burning 
and my eyes are hurting
From this fuse I mixed 
till I light another
Cigarette just to pass my time, oh
Heaven knows how bitter I am

* lyrics credit *

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